Heroclix Tournaments

Heroclix Tournaments

Join us for Heroclix Tournaments on selected Thursdays (6:30 pm) at Spandex City!

Tournament Rules, Schedule and prizes

Each Constructed Tournament ($6 entry) will feature a special organized play (OP) kit with 3 different LE figures. For these events, prizes are as follows:

  • Participation - a 2-sided map
  • 1st place - a set of all 3 LE pieces + a booster pack
  • 2nd place - choice of 2 LE pieces
  • 3rd-6th places - choice of 1 LE piece

For Constructed Tournaments, the following rules apply:

  • Matches are 40 minutes long; each player may use a maximum of 25-minutes of "turn time"
  • No Team Bases
  • No Resources
  • No Feats or Battlefield Conditions
  • No "print and play", except for character cards
  • Map assignments are random
  • You must have a PRINTED character card with you if you want to use your character's traits or special powers. Digital representations are not allowed. The store cannot print any character cards for players.

Our upcoming events (select Sundays at 3:30 pm and Thursdays at 6:30 pm):