Science & Superheroes

Science & Superheroes

 Did you know that many superheroes derive their powers from science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM)?

 Here are just a few examples:

  • Tony Stark's Iron Man suit is completely technology-based. 
  • The Flash is able to exploit the principles of sub-atomic physics to vibrate through "solid" objects. 
  • Spider-Man uses biology & zoology to show us how a spider's physiology translates into a human being.

Check out this fun "Superhero Periodic Table of the Elements" on the University of Kentucky's website.

"Science & Superheroes Contest"  North Carolina Science Festival

In our annual "Science & Superheroes" contest, presented by Spandex City and Discovery Place as part of the North Carolina Science Festival, students in the Charlotte area are challenged to explore various scientific principles to create their own superheroes with STEM-related powers to solve real-world problems! 

See Spandex City's "League of Science Superheroes".