COVID-19 Response

COVID-19 Response

As the State and County gradually lift business closure and travel restrictions that were put in place due to COVID-19, Spandex City and X-tra Ball will be re-opening and re-establishing our normal schedule of activities in phases. We are currently in PHASE 2 (see below):

Phase 1 (May 8-21 2020):

  • Retail stores are allowed to re-open with appropriate social-distancing measures.
  • We will operate with reduced hours (see our calendar).
  • Customers who are showing, or who have recently shown, symptoms of COVID-19 should not enter.
  • All employees are wearing masks, and we suggest that customers please follow CDC recommendations and wear masks as well. (Players in our organized play area must wear face coverings.)
  • We will allow a maximum of two (2) parties/families in the retail store at a time; parties are asked to stay together.
  • X-tra Ball will be able to service one (1) party at a time for carryout ice cream orders only.
  • Pinball machines will be turned off.
  • Organized play tables are arranged to reduce capacity and increase social distancing (as shown).
  • Organized play events will be limited to "1 vs. 1" events with a maximum of 8 participants (sorry, no spectators allowed); no handling of other players' game materials is permitted, and players are required to wear face coverings. The following events will be operational:
    • Sealed Magic (Fridays at 6:30 pm)
    • Pokemon League (Saturdays at 1 pm)
  • Magic and Pokemon events are unsanctioned. Results and participation is not reported to Wizards of the Coast or the Pokemon Company.
  • All tables will be disinfected between event rounds.

Phase 2 (starts May 22, 2020):

  • Store hours extended (now open until 9 pm Wednesday - Friday)
  • Eat-in ice cream service is permitted (limit 1 group eating in at a time)
  • Dungeons & Dragons resumes (limited capacity; pre-assigned playgroups only; reservations required)
  • Sanctioned Magic events resume (prerelease, sealed FNM, Pioneer League)
  • NOTE: Face coverings remain required for all organized play!

Future Phases:

  • Event capacity will be expanded.
  • Sanctioned Pokemon events will be offered.
  • Multi-player events (e.g. Commander) will return.
  • Pinball machines will return to operation.