Magic Strixhaven Pre-release (April 16-18, 2021) - Charlotte, NC

Magic Strixhaven Pre-release (April 16-18, 2021) - Charlotte, NC

Magic Strixhaven Pre-release (April 16-18, 2021) - Charlotte, NC

Magic Strixhaven Pre-release (April 16-18, 2021)

Strixhaven is the most elite University in the Multiverse. It features five colleges founded by the elder dragon whose name each college bears: Silverquill ({W}{B}), Prismari ({U}{R}), Witherbloom ({B}{G}), Lorehold ({R}{W}), and Quandrix ({G}{U}). Each prerelease kit contains a booster pack themed around one of the five colleges.

Due to health considerations and social distancing requirements, all in-store deck-building and play-testing is limited to 8 players per event! Masks are required while you are in the store. If you want to build your deck and play-test at the store, we have socially-distanced tables available. Please note that we are NOT running an in-store tournament, due to Wizards of the Coast restrictions in North America.

If you are just taking home your kit, you can pick it up anytime starting 3 pm on Friday, April 16th.

ALL PLAYERS will receive 2 additional booster packs of Strixhaven at no additional cost with each pre-release kit!

Only 8 players will be allowed to build/test decks in the store at a time, so if you want to do that, please RESERVE A TABLE for one of the following times:

  • Friday, 4/16 at 3 pm
  • Friday, 4/16 at 7 pm
  • Saturday, 4/17 at 3 pm
  • Saturday, 4/17 at 7 pm
  • Sunday, 4/18 at 12 pm

When you register for the Prerelease, you can "Add-a-Box" of Strixhaven Draft Boosters to your order for just $109.99. This special price is only available at the time of initial purchase, and you will receive your sealed box and exclusive "Buy-a-Box" promo card during the pre-release (i.e. you do not need to wait until release day); Quantities may be limited! (sorry, no substitutions)

What will you find in your pre-release pack?

  • 1 randomized, date-stamped foil rare or mythic promotional card
  • 5 Strixhaven 15-card draft booster packs
  • 1 Strixhaven 15-card college booster pack, containing only cards from your chosen college
  • 1 Strixhaven spindown life counter

Each player will then make a 40-card minimum deck (25-minutes for deck-building) from the 6 booster packs in the pre-release kit!  Bring your own lands if you have them. If you don't have lands, you can borrow store lands. You can arrange to play other players at home, online, or in our play-test area in the store.

If you are planning on attending our full weekend of pre-release events, you can save with our multi-event packages:

  • "Six Pack" (All 5 prerelease events plus the Sealed Event on Friday, 4/23) - also qualifies you to "Add-a-Box" for just $99.99+tax (at time of initial purchase only)!
Our price: $27.99
Table Reservation