Mage Wars Arena League at Spandex City

Mage Wars Arena League at Spandex City

Mage Wars Arena League at Spandex City

Get ready for a season-long spell-slinging Mage War! Spandex City will be running an extended scorekeeping system across all of our Mage Wars tournaments to crown an Arena League Master Mage! (The current reigning Master Mage is Jimilla Wilson.)

Mage Wars Organized Play

This season's theme is "Saly the 100-headed Hydra"

All Spandex City Mage Warriors will work together to defeat the 100-headed hydra. The season will end at the tournament where the last head is cut off! The four players who have cut off the most heads at the end of the season will then play in a single-elimination tournament for the title of Master Mage!

How to cut off hydra heads:

  • Play in a tournament - 2 heads
  • Win a Round - 1 head

Each individual tournament consists of three 50-minute Rounds. At each individual event, there will be opportunities to earn limited-edition spell cards, and the winner of each event wins store credit ($2 per player in the event). The entry fee for each tournament is just $5. You can register for individual tournaments here.

The Arena League Master Mage will receive the following prizes:

  • A spot on our Gamers' Wall of Fame
  • A commemorative Master Mage medal
  • A Mage Wars Expansion or Core Tome Set (winners choice)